Angel is the fateful love story between top cyclist Thierry and sex worker, Fae: they feel an instant connection but his career disgrace and her illegal status, threaten their dreams of escape.

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Thierry, a world famous cyclist, meets Fae, a sex worker, on the first night of his holiday in Senegal. Unlike many of the western men on holiday there, Thierry has no intention of exploring the sex-trade. But he and Fae encounter each other with the force of a coup de foudre: these two, whose bodies are their work, find in each other the redemptive love they seek.

But the complications of Thierry’s past as a disgraced athlete and Fae’s refusal to register with the authorities so as not to define her life, may not allow the dream they enter to be realised.

Director Koen Mortier wanted to portray the world, dreams and fears of Fae and the story of what she goes through meeting the world class cyclist. In a way they lead similar lives: both have to give the best of themselves and their bodies to delight fans or clients. Angel explores this story with intoxicating sensuality taking us into the present and past of these fated characters.