Poland: Drama, 101 mins

The Erlprince  - Królewicz Olch

An exceptionally gifted teenage boy starts studying physics at university working on the theory of parallel worlds.

The Erlprince dazzlingly riffs on Goethe’s Erlkönig to tell the story of a teenage quantum physicist caught in romantic and scientific dreams of parallel worlds. In one way his quantum dream is any child’s fantasy of another life – better parents, better surroundings, a happier relationship with his peers. From another point of view it is the passing from one parallel world to another: the side by side universes of the adult and the child.

Director/Writer: Kuba Czekaj
Producer: Munk Studios
DOP: Adam Palenta

Gnydia, Young Jury Award
Slamdance 2017; Berlin – Generations 2017