Australia: Drama, Youth, LGBT  85 mins


Australian high schooler, Olly, is gay and starting to realise he loves his best friend who would never be interested in him that way. Olly is disabled, and while in hospital for an major operation, finds out about a revolutionary new procedure in which you can transplant yourself into another body. He decides to become a beautiful young Olivia so he can have a perfect life and find the love he craves. But the image of perfection sold by society has unexpected traps and Olly has to decide what he really wants from life.

In this award-winning film, writer and star, Daniel Monks, and director, Stevie Cruz-Martin, brilliantly adapt the tropes of high-school comedies and speculative science fiction to take the audience into unexpected places.

Pulse is a deeply personal film, looking at how much our bodies shape who we are, where we find the line between compromising for love and changing ourselves to be loved, and why we fall in love with the people we fall in love with. It is a film for young people, queer people, disabled people; but more than that, for anyone who has ever struggled with their body, their appearance, their sexuality, their desires, and essentially, themselves.

Director/DOP: Stevie Cruz-Martin
Writer: Daniel Monks
Producers: Stevie Cruz-Martin and Daniel Monks
Starring: Daniel Monks, Caroline Brazier, Scott Lee

Festivals: Sydney, Melbourne Queer, Busan (International Premiere)   Winner: Busan Bank Award (Audience voted)