Vietnam: Horror / Drama,  68 mins

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An art-house body-horror so out on its own that it’s almost impossible to describe – as a man seeking vengeance for the death of his girlfriend uncovers a horror house of necrophilia and cannibalism. If Fellini had made a cannibal horror it might have been like this. “kfc‘ is a circle of vengeance,” the director says. “It is a display of our evil being mistreated, which consequently results in us being unable to find the peace our hearts desire.”


CPH PIX; IFFR Rotterdam; Bafici, Buenos Aires

Director: LÊ Bình Giang
Writers: LÊ Bình Giang
Producers: LÊ Bình Giang and NGUYỄN Hoàng Điệp

Starring: TẠ Quang Chiến , Tony NGUYỄN, HOÀNG Bá Sơn, TRÂM Primrose